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    East Penn Youth Cheer cannot be successful without the support of all our families. Below are several areas our organization could use your help in our continued efforts to ensure our cheerleaders have a memorable and successful season.

    Please indicate where you feel your interests or previous experience can best help us! (this section is optional)

    Fundraising – Assist in organizing and implementing fundraising opportunities, processing orders and being a point of contact for families.  

    Uniforms – Assist with uniform sizing and returns  

    Webmaster – Assist with updating and posting necessary information online  

    Halloween Parade – Arrange the annual parade float including picking a theme  

    Banquet – Organization of our year end banquet celebration  

    Publicity – Sharing latest news and information via Facebook and local presses such as East Penn Press, Local Patch groups, etc.  

    Competition Committee – THIS IS A HUGE EVENT AND REQUIRES THE HELP OF ALL OUR FAMILIES!! More information about what is needed will be shared as the season gets underway but some areas of focus are: Snack Stand Schedule, Registration Support, Security, Food and Raffle Donations, Vendors…and much more! 

    You do not have to be a board member to help on a committee or share your ideas! Feel free to join us at a board meeting to share your ideas or just learn about what the board is doing to improve East Penn Youth Cheer. We are always interested in new ideas so please join us at a meeting and consider becoming a Board Member!

    EPYCA Board –  

    I / We, the parents or guardians of the above named player, give my/our consent to his/her participation in all team and East Penn Youth Cheerleading Association activities during the current season and will abide by the association rules and regulations governing cheerleading.

    I / We assume all risks and hazards incident to such participation including, but not limited to financial responsibility for any medical expenses, in the event of injury or illness of any kind due to participation in East Penn Youth Cheerleading Association activities.

    I / We hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless, the East Penn Youth Cheerleading Association or its successor, its officers, directors, members, coaches, participants, sponsors and persons transporting the above named player to or from East Penn Cheerleading Association activities, from any claim, whether derivative or otherwise.

    I / We agree to provide medical insurance coverage for my child while my child participates in East Penn Youth Cheerleading Association activities.

    I / We agree to allow East Penn Youth Cheerleading Association to photograph or videotape my child or me during participation for promotional or any other non -commercial purpose.

    I / We consent to release such photographs or videotapes to the East Penn Youth Cheerleading Association for immediate or future use.

    I / We agree to return, upon request, the uniform and other equipment issued to our child in good, clean condition or pay replacement costs for uniform not returned at designated time at end of season.

    I / We furnish a certificate of birth of our child prior to the first practice.

    I / We understand that before, during, or after any organized East Penn Youth Cheer Association event, no one is permitted to harass, argue with, or otherwise interfere with players, coaches, or officials, either in or off the playing area.

    I / We accept the above terms and conditions.

    East Penn Cheerleading Guidelines


    The purpose of the East Penn Youth Cheerleading program is to provide a sense of leadership for all participants involved, encourage a positive attitude and spirit, promote community service, develop respectable character, and foster growth by teaching responsibility, dependability, cooperation, discipline and maintaining high standards in all of these areas.

    Practices and Competitions

    • Squads will have practices each week. All practices are mandatory with exception of family emergency, sickness, etc. Coaches reserve the right to hold additional practices when needed. You need to give ample notice if this is the case.
    • Competitions are held on Saturdays and Sundays. A tentative schedule will be given out a as soon as competitions invitations are sent out.
    • A coach must be notified prior to practice or a competition if an emergency or illness prevents a cheerleader from attending a practice or a competition.
    • Cheerleaders must arrive on time to all events and are expected to stay for the entire event.


    • Absolutely NO jewelry will be worn when performing. This includes all practices and competitions.
    • Hair must be pulled back when performing, for safety reasons.
    • Nails must be kept trimmed and short- No fake nails are permitted for safety reasons.
    • Uniforms should be cared for properly and clean at all times.

    Expected Behavior

    • Use your best judgment at all times.
    • Consequences, determined by the coach, will result for misbehavior or poor conduct.
    • Promote a positive image for the school community
    • Attend all practices and competitions
    • Part of a coach’s job is to know where the squad members are at all times during practices games, and special events. Cheerleaders must follow the coach’s direction and stay in assigned areas during events. Cheerleaders will not be released at the end of competitions and practices without seeing an adult responsible for that child.
    • While safety is our number one goal, please understand that you should expect bumps bruises, and other occasional minor injuries. It is all a part of cheerleading.

    East Penn Youth Cheerleading Statement of Permission and Agreement

    When you and your child agree to participate in the East Penn Youth Cheerleading program, realize that you are making a commitment to East Penn Cheer, your coaches, your teammates, and yourself for the complete season (full year). The decision should not be taken lightly. Participants will be expected to put cheerleading as one of their top priorities. Furthermore, as a representative of East Penn Cheerleading, participants must maintain proper behavior at all times. Cheerleaders must follow the cheerleading guidelines set forth in the cheerleading guidelines. By making this commitment to East Penn Cheerleading, you will receive many valuable and rewarding educational experiences that you will remember long after your participation. These activities will not only channel participant’s enthusiasm and spirit in a constructive and beneficial manner, but will give every participant a sense of pride and accomplishment in being a part of a group that has earned respect and maintains a winning community reputation.

    I / We the parent(s) or legal guardian(s), have read and understand the cheerleading guidelines. I agree to abide by the policies described if my child participates as a member of the cheerleading program. I also agree to the financial and fundraising obligations as they are described in the information provided.