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The Hornets ended their season with a whopping 12 First Place wins, 6 2nd Place wins and 3 Grand Champions of the Day awards between all squads. They also scored 5 Spirit Awards and had multiple Tumble Off and Jump Off winners in each age bracket!

Pep Squad

Our Pep Squad ended their season with an amazing:

  • 4 First Place Wins
  • 3 Second Place Wins

JV Squad

Our JV Squad ended their season with an incredible: 

  • 5 First Place Wins
  • 1 Second Place Win
  • 1 Grand Champions 

Varsity Squad

Our Varsity Squad ended their season with an astonishing:

  • 3 First Place Wins
  • 2 Second Place Wins 
  • 2 Grand Champions

* We Have Spirit Yes We Do *

It was a clean sweep with EPC bringing home the SPIRIT award 5 times!
That is a record for EPC!

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